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1. By the PHG-7685A-1 measurement unit and microprocessor with electronic components of the two major components, the use of single-chip control, the Chinese menu operation, easy and simple

2. Structural features for the disc-mounted, dry, wet separate structure, easy to install, operate and repair

3. Simultaneous display of measured pH value (25 ° C) and temperature (° C)

The solution temperature coefficient of pure water and ammonia-containing water system was compensated by the choice of equipotential point

5. With automatic positioning, automatically calculate the slope and automatic temperature compensation

6. With (4 ~ 20) mA optically isolated output current, which corresponds to the upper limit of the pH output and the lower limit of output, 2pH interval range can be arbitrarily selected

7. With automatic upper and lower limit alarm function and power protection

8. With digital RS-232 or RS-485 output interface, digital output unit chassis protection class IP65, to prevent water spray and dust intrusion

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