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High Frequency Pulse Direct Current Electrochemical Deburring Machine

High Frequency Pulse Direct Current Electrochemical Deburring Machine

High frequency pulse Direct current electrochemical Deburring Machine

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electrolytic deburring principle

Similar to electrolytic processing, electrolytic deburring is also the principle of the electrochemical anodic dissolution reaction. As the cathode near the conductive side of the workpiece protruding burrs and the highest current density at the water chestnut, so that the burr is quickly dissolved and removed, the edges to form rounded corners.

① tool electrode is only analyzed out of hydrogen, do not participate in chemical reactions, and therefore no electrode consumption, long-term use.

② There is no cutting force when machining the deburring, the workpiece does not need large clamping force, so there is no influence of clamping deformation on the accuracy of the parts, and it is suitable for the parts with low rigidity.

③ no processing of surface damage layer, and to ensure the original accuracy of the same workpiece for finishing parts.

④ remove burrs of high quality, can form a smooth rounded corners. Fillet size can be adjusted by adjusting the processing parameters.

⑤ high production efficiency. Generally a workpiece of all glitches can in ten seconds within all removal clean, and easy to implementation more pieces parallel processing,

⑥ stable and reliable quality, semi-automatic or automatic method can be used to deburring, no factors that affect the quality of removal of burr is stable and reliable.

⑦ not subject to mechanical properties of materials control. Wide range of applications. Electrochemical deburring machine tool can be used for a variety of metal parts, including hardened steel and hard alloy parts for deburring processing, not only to remove parts of the outer surface of the various parts of the burr, and selective deburring shape of the deep deep narrow, Cross-hole and other difficult to remove the burr.

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