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Precision High Frequency Pulse Electrochemical Forming Machine

Precision High Frequency Pulse Electrochemical Forming Machine

Precision High frequency pulse electrochemical Forming Machine

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Precision electrolysis machine is developed by our company with excellent performance of the confidential processing equipment, precision electrolytic processing technology is a vibration electrode in the electrochemical subsidence corrosion technology, the role of DC pulse between the electrode and the workpiece according to the vibration electrode geometry workpiece Is electrolyzed as an anode. Almost all the complex geometry of the metal can be processed, such as tempered steel, bearing steel, alloy steel. Precision electrolytic processing technology can not be used to open the traditional process or the use of traditional methods of economic applications.

Technical advantages:

There is no electrode wear during machining. Only a single electrode can be repeated to produce an unlimited number of products;

There is no thermal stress on the workpiece after machining. The existing properties of the workpiece are not affected. Does not produce micro-cracks. Extend the life of the workpiece;

Does not produce oxide layer. No post-sequence machining of the workpiece; no mechanical stress. Can work on the thin wall structure.

The surface quality of the electrodes can be replicated. Roughness up to Ra0.05μm, up to Ra0.02μm; processing precision can reach 1-10μm.

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